GrannyGhan Afghan

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GrannyGhan Afghan

This GrannyGhan Afghan was started because I was given a big bag of afghan yarn, mostly red heart supersaver so I am making a vertical granny stripped afghan.

I started this on September 10th, 2012 and am currently working on. I will add progress shots as I progress.

Queen Size. My starting width is 85″ and I was thinking about working 60-65″ long. If you are looking at making this a different size, this pattern is worked in multiples of 3, adding +1 for your ch 1.

1 cluster stitch = 1″ wide

Grannyghan Afghan - Granny Stitch Afghan - Dearest Debi Patterns

GrannyGhan Afghan Crochet Pattern Notes…


Crochet Pattern Difficulty Rating - Novice

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US I9/5.50mm

I’m using donated yarn, most of which is Red Heart Super Saver Yarn there’s also Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn balls.

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn                     Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo Yarn

Special Stitches:

Notes: **Turn work after each row**

Grannyghan Afghan - Granny Stitch Afghan - Dearest Debi Patterns

GrannyGhan Afghan Pattern..

GrannyGhan Afghan

Create DateNovember 29, 2013
Last UpdatedFebruary 2, 2015
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Grannyghan Afghan - Granny Stitch Afghan - Dearest Debi Patterns


  1. Beaj says

    Hi Debi,
    Great Design for left over yarn. I’ve noticed there is no information on the cluster stitch you used. Looks like 3 double crochet in one place.
    Thanks for the design and I would appreciate your help…:)

  2. Grace says

    I started working on this pattern (with two alternating colors, blue and white) and I’m a very very early beginner at crochet, and this is super easy for me! Thanks for the beautiful and easy to understand pattern!

    • DearestDebi says

      I am about 2/3 done my queen size.. I work on it when watching the tele which is almost never, one day I will get it finished!

  3. Mary Ann Atzrott says

    This is beautiful! I’m a little confused about what direction the stripes are running…. would they be running from the head to the foot of the bed or going sideways across the bed? Trying to figure out the length of beginning chain I need for stripes to run lengthwise from head to foot… :-)

  4. Mary Ann Atzrott says

    Oops…. I just re-read your entire post and realize now that the stripes are vertical!!! Just to make sure I understand now…. the measurement from head to foot is 85″ and it will be 60-65″ from side to side across the bed? Thanks for being so patient with me…..

    • Mary Ann Atzrott says

      Thank you… answered that fast…. quicker than it took me to rethink my first comment….lol!

  5. Heidi Urness says

    I have been looking for this pattern for my ex mother inlaws mom use to make this pattern a lot.and Im so happy to have found it.I just started it and it makes up fast. I dont do very well at patterns so this is so perfect for me thank you so much

  6. RoseM Waddell says

    I am a TN Titans (NFL) Fan so I used 2 colors. I left the tails long enough to make fringe out of it, and just added a little more to it.

  7. says

    Would like to print this pattern, but do not want to use your download Is there another site that will let me use my download program…… To many attachments in your download and no signature.

  8. JAN LE TOCQ says

    Hi there
    I am attempting your grannyghan but mine looks much more open than yours and as I am in the uk I wonder if I am interpreting the stitches correctly. Is your 5.5 hook an American or English size and are your sc stitches the equivalent to our double crochet etc.

    • says

      For this pattern no there would not be any difference. It’s only when you have turning directions that a change would be necessary and there are none in this pattern.

  9. jane says

    I am dumb so I need help when we start 2nd row does it mean to continue doing whats in parenthesis or do I ch 3 then skip 2 then do 3 dc. I am confused,i am not bery good at reading directions, thank you for your help

  10. Ann Miller says

    Thanks for this neat pattern. I get donated yarn from my church to make prayer shawls, etc. for our home bound parishaners. (that word just doesn’t look correct). Anyway, I use your 3 stitches +1 to make as long as I want, then only make as many stripes as I want to make the height. Put on some coordinating fringe on the ends and it works fine.

  11. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. Over the past 25 years, I have collected quite a stash of “left over yarn” from all of the different projects I have made. Right now I am in the middle of this pattern and it working so out so well, The colors are bright and beautiful and I truly love it. Thanks again for sharing.

  12. JAN LE TOCQ says

    I am completely baffled by row 4! I have done quite a bit of crochet in my time but can’t see my way through this. The pattern says join new colour in 3 ch space. What 3 chain space? The previous row ended with a double crochet so no chains. It then says do 3 chain and a double crochet in the same space. I have tried many ways of interpreting this but my methods are clearly wrong. What am I missing please?

  13. Kimberly Silhan says

    Hi Debbie I would love to make GrannyGhan Afghan what size needle do I need? I wondering if I
    Could size K I want to make afghan for my queen size bed how do make granny square ?
    The afghan is beautiful what you made !
    Is this easy to make ?
    Thanks Kimberly Craftsy lady

    • Emma Barton says

      the best way to get a pattern to work for me is to know the final dimensions of the blanket, including any drape on the sides you want to have included. then, use the pattern as written, and do multiples of three chains plus one *for the turning chain* and get it as close to the right length as possible that way. Remember, a bit longer is better for a draping piece than a bit too short! after the first row of singl stitches, make sure that you are long enough. (or wide enough.) if not, recalibrate. If so, go at! I or K is good for worsted weight yarns… it should be fine. Debbie said she used an I for this I think…. it works really well with the yarn! Good luck!

  14. Tracy Martin says

    I love love love this pattern! I have made about 6 large afghans from this pattern so far. I love how no two blankets are the same even though it’s the same pattern. I make a lot of blankets for different ministries at our church, so I gather a lot of single skeins. This is such a great way to use all of those! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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