Freezie Star Wars Lightsaber Hilt

Freezie Star Wars Lightsaber Hilt

Have a little Star Wars fan that loves freezies? The Freezie Star Wars Lightsaber Hilt are great for the little ones to use this summer. Have a birthday party this summer? These Hilts are a perfect birthday gifts or party loot bag item.

A few years ago I had worked up Stitch11’s Popsicle Cozy and the kids were asking me for them when I picked up a pack of freezies the other day. Unfortunately the popsicle cozies are no where to be found after we moved into our new home. After looking all over my boy asked me if I could make him a new one that looked like a lightsaber and soon after my youngest girl also wanted one.

The hilt is a quick and easy project that can be worked up in 30 minutes or less. You’ll need some grey and black yarn, only a few yards so this would be a great time to use up some of those scraps that you have laying around. For the hilt buttons you can use some felt with a glue gun or some buttons with thread, if you don’t have any felt or buttons that will work around the house you could also use some yarn to sew on yarn buttons.

Freezie Star Wars Lightsaber Hilt

I’m sure at this point some of you may be asking why on earth I’m calling popsicles ‘freezies’. Ever since I can remember that’s what I have called them. I guess here in Canada they are packaged as ‘Freezies’, check it out..

Freezie Star Wars Lightsaber Hilt (Canadian Freezies)

Freezie Star Wars Lightsaber Hilt Pattern Notes..


Crochet Pattern Difficulty Rating - Novice

Click HERE for pattern difficulty ratings.

Yarn: #4 worsted weight, this is a great project to use up some of your scraps.

Hook: US H8/5.00mm

Supplies: Felt & hot glue gun or Button & thread.

Gauge: 4 sc x 4 rows = 1 inch square

Notes: Carry up yarn between rows.

Freezie Star Wars Lightsaber Hilt Pattern..

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