Flower Lattice Corner to Corner (c2c)

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Flower Lattice Corner to Corner (c2c)

Flower Lattice Corner to Corner or otherwise known as c2c. It is a piece that is worked from one corner to the other. I had already figured out increasing the flower lattice when I made the shawl and it never dawned on me to figure out the decreases until one day I thought I could figure it out for the purpose of a c2c. I made a few failed attempts and gave up. One night I was feeling rather determined to try again and I figured it out though once I was finished I thought the idea of a c2c was rather silly because the flower lattice can be worked up as a square already. I set aside my sample and forgot about.

The other day I was sorting through my yarn and current wips and I came across my c2c sample piece. I took a picture of it and thought I would share it to see if people would be interested. I got a great response from people saying they NEEDED to have the pattern. I got to work right away and was able to easily recreate what I did and also wrote out the pattern.

I created the pattern so that the size was adjustable, there is a little bit of math that needs to be done, but I’ve made it as easy as possible. If you can follow the pattern you should have no troubles plugin in the required math.

I used a US E4/3.50mm hook and Ice Yarns – Magic Light yarn for the multi coloured piece shown below. The great thing about this pattern is that you can use any weight of yarn and the recommended hook size on the ball band of the yarn you pick. My original test sample (the pink yarn) I used Bernat Satin Yarn and off-hand I cannot remember the hook size I used, it’s recommended on the ball band to use a US H8/5.00mm hook.

Flower Lattice Corner to Corner (c2c) - Dearest Debi Patterns

Flower Lattice Corner to Corner (c2c) Pattern Notes..

**Pattern notes are for the test sample pictured above**


Crochet Pattern Difficulty Rating - Competent

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Yarn: Ice Yarns Magic Baby (1 ball = 100g/360m ±5%) For the crochet flower lattice shawl in the images I used magic baby’s white-pink-orange-multicolor-lilac-blue-shades. (You could also use Baby Luv yarn with a US G6/4.00mm hook)

Hook: US E4/3.50mm

Special Stitches:

  • Each row is worked from the left to right and back right to left.
  • Each flower has 4 petals, to make it easier to reference I’ve numbered them and the numbers will be used within the pattern, the star on the 3rd petal marks the left joining corner.

Crochet Flower Lattice Shawl - Petals - Dearest Debi Patterns

  • Pictured below is how the sl st to last dc is worked.

Crochet Flower Lattice Shawl Special Stitches Help - Dearest Debi Patterns

Gauge: 1 complete flower = 1.5″ square

Flower Lattice Corner to Corner (c2c) Video..

Flower Lattice Corner to Corner (c2c) Pattern..

Flower Lattice c2c

Create DateFebruary 21, 2014
Last UpdatedFebruary 2, 2015
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    Thanks for the pattern download. The thing I really miss is a graph pattern. It makes it soo much easier for me to follow the instructions when I also have a graph.
    Would it be possible to have a copy of it, if you have it?

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