Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Boy Beanie

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Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Boy Beanie

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid newborn boy beanie was a suggestion my awesome friend Stacey gave me. The Cabbage patch kid boys either have loopy hair, a little tuff on the top of their head or a mohawk and I wasn’t sure which one to work up if I was going to work one up at all.

I was hoping to get some work done yesterday on my newest adventure but I was missing information and just didn’t have everything I need together so I decided I’d give it a go to work up a Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn boys beanie.

For this pattern you will need to know how to work up the loop stitch (lp st). You can find a great video tutorial for this stitch from Planet June on YouTube HERE. My loops were made by wrapping the yarn around my index finger just as shown in the video tutorial.

There is a Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie for Girls HERE, or you can just add pigtails or braids to this hat to turn it into a girls beanie.

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Boy Beanie - Dearest Debi Patterns

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Boy Beanie Pattern Notes..


Crochet Pattern Difficulty Rating - Competent

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Yarn: 3 oz Red Heart Soft Touch Yarn Mid Blue (174 yards/160 meters)

Hook: US I9/5.5mm

Gauge: 7 hdc = 2″

Special Stitches:

  • lp st – Loop Stitch. Video tutorial HERE.


  • Do not join rnds unless otherwise specified.
  • Do not turn unless specified.

This Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid beanie could be easily turned into a girl version by working up some pigtails or braids and adding them to the hat.

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Braids - Dearest Debi PatternsCrochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Girl Beanie - Dearest Debi Patterns

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Boy Beanie Pattern..

Cabbage Patch Kid Boy Beanie

Create DateNovember 29, 2013
Last UpdatedFebruary 2, 2015
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~Happy Hooking~

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Boy Beanie - Dearest Debi Patterns


  1. KathieR on Ravelry says

    You are amazing!! And a mind reader too!! I just did a search on Ravelry to find the girl’s one again, thinking I was really needing a boy as well….and VIOLA!! You have created it since I last checked even!! Two new grandbabies; one three months, and one newbie. The cousins NEED a pic with these on 😉 Of course, Livie isn’t newborn any longer, so I will have to adjust now…but it will be stinking ADORABLE. THANK YOU!

  2. virginia noriega says

    how do I make this for a toddler 12 moths -to 3 yrs.
    do I have to increase stitches to make it larger ?
    Thank you.

  3. Irma says

    I found your website today and would love to have one or two of your patterns. Your page says your patterns are available to print, however, it prints up 6 pages of stuff and a lot of that is ads and other stuff I don’t need. Is there a way to copy just the pattern and possibly the photos? I would appreciate it if you could email your reply to me, as I may not get back to this page to look for your comment reply. Thank you!

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