Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie

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Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie was a request from a friend. She asked me if I could make one and I accepted the challenge.

For this pattern you will need to know how to work up the loop stitch (lp st). You can find a great video tutorial for this stitch from Planet June on YouTube HERE. My loops were made by wrapping the yarn around my index finger just as shown in the video tutorial.

If you’re looking for a boy’s version of the Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Beanie there’s one HERE.

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie - Dearest Debi Patterns

This Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie pattern works up pretty quick and is sure to be a great gift for any little one expecting a little baby girl.

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie Pattern Notes..


Crochet Pattern Difficulty Rating - Competent

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Yarn: 3 oz Red Heart Soft Touch Yarn Grape (174 yards/160 meters)

Hook: US I9/5.50mm

Gauge: 7 hdc = 2″


  • hdc – Half Double Crochet
  • lp st – Loop Stitch. Video tutorial HERE.


  • Ribbon (Optional)


  • Do not join rnds unless otherwise specified.
  • Do not turn unless specified.

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie - Dearest Debi Patterns

Adding Pigtails..

You will need 6 scrap strips about 8″ long, these strips will be used to tie the pig tails together. (You will only need 4 if you are braiding your ties.

Cut strips 18″ long. I cut 40 strips for each side. Take your 40 strips and find the center, using one of your scrap strips, tie it around the center of your strips in a double knot making sure your scrap strip has long enough tails to use to attach the pig tails to the hat. To attach the pig tails to the hat, lay your hat flat and mark on each side of the fold where you would like your braids. Use the scrap ties you tied around the center of your pig tails to attach them by tying them around the post of a hdc stitch on the hat.

Tie one of your scrap strips around the center of the pig tail and one at the bottom on both sides making sure that both sides are done even or you can braid the ties and use a strip to tie the braids off at the end.

Add ribbon bows around the top of pig tails.

Crochet Cabbage Patch Kid Newborn Beanie Pattern..

Cabbage Patch Kid Beanie

Create DateNovember 29, 2013
Last UpdatedFebruary 2, 2015
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  1. Peggy Failing says

    have a question ,in the pictures of other cabbage patch hats I see that they have on some a hat then the hair coming out from under the hat ,are you going to or have you made one like this. as a patter to put on your site. Will you try to make one,like that/I can’t thank you enough for shareing your patterns,God BNless you because for us on SS money isn’t easy to come by,LOve you Peggy8650

  2. says

    Dearest Debi, you are so very kind to share your pattern with us. I create my own patters also, I should write them down because when I try to make them again well no two are alike.Thank you again.

    • DearestDebi says

      And Thank You! :) If you can write out what you do you totally should.. Stat blogging.. You could earn some $$. If you’re interested sometime I might be able to help you get started.

      • Christina says

        Debi.I would be interested in knowing how to earn money blogging…l would love any help u can give.. thanks, Christina

        • says

          I went to school for web design and graphics over 15 years ago but I never went anywhere with it until I started blogging just over 2 years ago. There’s lots of blogging 101 help and tutorials online.

  3. Debbie says

    First of all let me say, I’m extremely new to the crochet world so if my question is silly, I apologize in advance! I’m confused on how to attach the pigtails. How do you keep it from being “frayed” at the hat where you attach the pigtails? could you attach a picture of that part?

    • DearestDebi says

      No worries. I had the same troubles when I first started out. I usually add the pigtails to a string tie which is used to attach them, there is an image HERE of some braided ties before they are added. Because you won’t be braiding the ties you will want to put your string tie in the center of your strips and tie it into a knot to hold them together.

      • Erin says

        I want my sister to make this hat for my daughter but she would be a 3-6 month size. I found a basic pattern for a hdc beanie but do we add an extra 3 rounds of loops stitches to the end or make the last 3 rows loop stitch? If adding 3 extra rounds wouldn’t it be too long?

  4. Edie says

    Says it is free pattern but I cannot see any way to get the pattern. Won’t copy and paste. No pdf link. How do you get this cute pattern?

  5. Krickit says

    Miss Debbi… This is only my second time trying to follow a pattern, and I know I’m not using the proper terminology… But after each round, are you supposed to “move up a level” so as the finished work looks like rings of crocheted rows? Or do you just sort of keep going after each round, so that out looks more like a spiral. Sorry for asking a stupid question, but it said at the beginning to not join rounds unless specified, and I guess I don’t know how it would be specified. Thank you in advance, Krickit

  6. Tamara says

    Do the loops end up on the wrong side? meaning will I have to turn the hat inside out after so the loops are on the outside?

  7. Debbie Runnalls says

    I’ve made 3 of these following your directions!!! Everyone that I give them too loves them!!! Great directions!!! Easy to follow! Thank you!!

  8. Jillian says

    One of my patients at the dialysis center is going thru chemo and her hair is falling out so I’m going to make thos for her ♡♡ thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I adore it.

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